Promoting talent. Strengthen the region and the school of higher education. Those are, in brief, the central aims of the Studienförderfonds Siegen e.v. (Fund for the Promotion of Studies Siegen), which exists since 2008.

Stipendiaten 2009

The Studienförderfonds Siegen - founded on the initiative and with the support of the Rectorate of the University of Siegen - supports outstanding students in their professional and personal development.
Since then, in 12 award rounds and 10 years, around 800 scholarships have been awarded to young students at the University of Siegen, thanks to the unique support of numerous sponsors. We aim to continue the success of this story.
Our goal is to create a scholarship culture in the region to promote young and motivated talents regardless of their parents' income - at the same time, they are to establish direct contact with the regional enterprises during their studies already.

  • You are interested in the promotion of young people?
  • Your company is looking for good graduates?
  • You wish to get to know excellent students early?
  • You believe good performance should be rewarded and education supported?

Then we would be glad to gain your support as a sponsor – for the future of students and the region.

In order to continue this important contribution to education successfully, the University of Siegen needs your support. On the one hand, in order to be able to continue the grants awarded so far, on the other hand, in order to be able to honor a growing number of our students for outstanding study achievements.
You can find a current flyer as well as the possibility to make a pledge in the stored PDF files! More information can be found here.

At this point, the University of Siegen would like to expressly thank all sponsors for their support of the scholarship program!