If you want to apply for a scholarship, please read the following information! Here you will find information about the different sorts of scholarship, application procedure and condition of allowance!

The  application period for the winter semester 2023/24 and summer semester 2024

is from 20th of September to 11th of October! No later applications will be considered!

Your application can only be considered, if it is complete and meet all requirements.

Your application consists of 2 parts (Please mind that ALL DOCUMENTS have to be delivered during the application period!):

  1. the online-application form (only active during application period)
  2. further documents, which you have to upload after sending the online application form. You have to upload these documents in one pdf-file
    (Herefor you will get a link and a TAN via e-mail, AFTER sending the online application form!).
    You have to send the following documents (see list below) in the named order (only pdf-document, please save all dacuments in the named order as a SINGLE PDF-document and save it as NameSurname.pdf)


Online application form
(Only active during application period, see link above)

  1. Please fill out this Document  (first page of your application)
  2. motivation letter
  3. CV
  4. List of ECTS-Points and former university degrees; e.g. Bachelor degree certificate (If you don’t have this because you just begin your studies, your  final secondary-school examinations will serve for this)
  5. Recommendation letter  from a professor (or as a beginner from a former teacher or employer; if you are in your first Master semester, please add a recommendation letter from a former professor - B.A. degree). Please use the PDF if your professor speaks German; otherwise add a recommendation letter without using the PDF. The letter must show date, stamp and signature of the professor.
  6. final secondary-school examinations and certificate of apprenticeship/formation (typically training on the job combined with accompanying studies) all in chronological order.
  7. if so reference of social dedication (extracurricular commitment as a volunteer, civic and social activities, political or political commitment or participation in religious societies, associations or federations)
  8. ONLY IF YOU APPLY FOR FINANCIAL REASONS: Please explain in your motivation letter in how far you are in financial need and how you have financed your living and studies so far. In addition, please give your opinion on how you see your chances at completing your studies in your current situation. Furthermore, affirmed income statements, covering the last three months, must be attached to your application. These encompass your own, if applicable your partner's, and your parents' financial statements. Furthermore you have to give a copy of your blocked account.
  9. certificate of matriculation (print from unisono: My Studies > Student Service > Reports > Studienbescheinigung nach §9 BAföG)